Orange County Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

One of the most dangerous drivers on the roads is someone who is impaired by drugs or alcohol. Drunk drivers are a very common occurrence in Orange County, and there are hundreds of DUI accident victims in Orange County each year.

Many people are seriously injured or even killed by drunk drivers. No matter how safe a driver you are, there is always the chance that you’ll be hit by a drunk driver. It happens all the time in Orange County and throughout California.

For example, in 2019 alone, there were 949 alcohol related driving fatalities throughout the state of California. There were also hundreds of thousands of people injured by drunk drivers to the extent that they needed treatment at the emergency department. This is not surprising given the fact that in 2019, over 120,000 people were arrested and convicted of drunk driving with the state.

So the risk of being seriously injured by a drunk driver is high every time you drive on the roads and highways of Orange County and California in general.

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Why Choose Us?

Many people who are seriously injured by a drunk driver ask the question, should I hire a lawyer after getting hit by a drunk driver? Some people think the police will take care of it. But this is a misconception. The police will not help you be compensated for your injuries. This is where an Orange County drunk driving accident lawyer comes into play.  

Attorney Mark Robinson will be your Orange County dui accident victim attorney. We focus our law practice on helping seriously injured people in complex and difficult cases, including tough DUI accident cases where a drunk driver victim attorney is needed. We have the knowledge, skills, and resources to fight for our clients’ rights to receive full and fair compensation for their injuries.

Here are the reasons why choosing us is the best decision you can make:

  • Not only does Mark have over 50 years of experience in successfully handling complex DUI accident litigation, but he has the resources to take on any size defendant no matter how big the corporation or the insurance company.
  • Mark has won high profile cases against large corporations like General Motors, Nissan, and Johnson & Johnson.
  • Mark has earned recognition from our fellow trial attorneys, news publications, and legal organizations
  • Not only can Mark Robinson, Esq. be your DUI accident victim attorney in Orange County, but he handles cases statewide in California.
  • Our serious injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means you will only pay for your drunk driving accident lawyer if you win compensation for your injuries. So, there is no downside to contacting us and getting your questions answered.

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Common Drunk Driving Crash Injuries

We have successfully represented clients with many types of serious injuries.

Common injuries we often see with our car and truck crash clients include:

  • Wrongful death;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Herniated and bulging discs;
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) like fractured skulls, concussions, and bleeding of the brain;
  • Broken and fractured bones;
  • Whiplash injuries to the neck;
  • Quadriplegia;
  • Paraplegia;
  • Serious burn injuries throughout the body, including second-degree and third-degree burns;
  • Internal bleeding;
  • Lacerations and scarring;
  • Amputations;
  • Disfigurement and unsightly scarring;
  • Facial fractures; and 
  • Muscle, ligament, and tendon tears.

Many clients can suffer from several injuries from this list. The seriousness of the injuries depends upon how violent the accident was, how fast the vehicles were traveling, and the comparative size difference of the vehicles.

DUI Injury Compensation

We fight for the rights of our clients to recover the most compensation legally allowed to attempt to make them whole. The following are the categories of damages that we can potentially recover for our clients, depending upon the case.

Past and Future Medical Bills

You can obtain compensation for any medical bills you incurred in treating the injuries that occured in the DUI crash. You can also seek payment for any future or ongoing treatment that may be required.

Past and Future Lost Wages

If the injuries from the crash have caused you to lose time from work, your lost wages will be added to the amount that the DUI at-fault driver and their insurance company owes you.

If, due to the serious injuries you’ve suffered, you are permanently disabled and can’t make the same amount of wages or salary, then you are entitled to compensation for the future lost wages and lost earning capacity that you will experience. We’ll use a financial expert to calculate this amount.

Pain and Suffering

This category of personal injury damages is designed to compensate you for the physical and emotional pain you suffered from the injury. This one area where an experienced Orange County DUI accident lawyer can be invaluable. 

Since every case is different and every DUI victim’s injuries are different, a good DUI accident lawyer in Orange County will be able to evaluate the injuries and what the client went through and come up with a fair value for pain and suffering. This value depends upon the facts of the case, the amount of medical treatment, the type of injury, and the geographical location of the accident and trial;

Loss of Life’s Pleasures

This category is designed to compensate the victim for the inability to do the things that give them pleasure, such as hobbies, going out with the family, vacations, and other things that put joy in our lives.

Loss of Consortium

If the injured DUI victim is married, this category of compensation is designed to compensate the victim’s spouse. Loss of consortium compensates the spouse for the lack of services and companionship that they would have normally received from their injured spouse.

Punitive Damages

Unlike with other car and truck accident cases where the cause of the crash was mere negligent driving, with DUI-related crashes, we can potentially seek punitive damages against the at-fault driver. If punitive damages are awarded, the money goes to the injured parties, but it is designed to punish the at-fault driver for the outrageous and reckless conduct of drinking and then driving.

We Offer Free Case Evaluations

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury or you have lost a loved one in an Orange County DUI accident, Mark Robinson, Esq. is here to help. Mark has been protecting the rights of injury victims for over 50 years. Please call (949) 720-1288 or contact us online today for a free, confidential case evaluation.